tř. Míru 62, Pardubice 530 02

In Pardubice, our law firm provides comprehensive legal services in all sectors, whether it is a private law (civil law, commercial law, labor law) or Public Law (Law constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law). We provide legal services to both private and public sector clients.


The Branch is located in the very center of Pardubice in the Peace Class, where you can find us in close proximity to the Machoň passage towards Sladkovského Street. Parking is possible on paid parking lots, where two parking spaces are just next to Machoňova passage and one parking lot Na Hrádku behind Pasáž Velvet.

Main contacts

Mgr. Zdeněk Borkovec


attorney - partnerMgr. Zdeněk Borkovec
+420 607 943 022
Mgr. Zuzana Sůvová


attorney, partnerMgr. Zuzana Sůvová
+420 603 830 179