Construction law


We are specialists in advisory related to construction, maintenance, reconstruction and investment projects.

We have deep knowledge of the construction law and related regulation, such as are the act on environment impact assessment, act on protection of nature and landscape, act on the state heritage protection or for example the act on environment protection where we often represent our clients in disputes regarding waste management.

We shall represent you in all phases of a territory procedure, construction and final approval procedure, especially to arrange for a construction permit or to notify a construction. We represent clients and provide advisory in the matters of construction in connection to the EIA – the environment impact assessment, or during the assessment of environmental burden. We also deal with expropriation matters.


Construction permit

Arranging for a construction permit means a lot of running around authorities, neighbours, obtaining formal opinions etc. Who has time for all this? We can negotiate the construction intent with the construction authority on your behalf, we map all possible construction options on a given plot, we arrange for all necessary documentation for the designer as well all the documentation required by the authorities. We will have under control all necessary approvals, opinions and statements for your particular procedure.

Moreover, we draft and submit applications for the procedure on your behalf, we will arrange for the excerpt from the cadastral office, list of owners of the neighbouring plots and buildings and plot plans. We shall also get in touch with relevant energy and supply distributors on your behalf, and many others.

We provide complex legal services during a construction of a building. That especially includes drafting the contract on work which is concluded between the investor and the constructor. Only well drafted and properly executed contract is your guarantee that you avoid losses or unnecessary disputes.


Development projects

We negotiate and draft contracts and all relevant documentation for our clients among major developers. We also prepare contracts with designer, architects or construction inspectors. We shall represent you not only in the construction administrative procedure but if necessary, also in a court dispute. We often deal with established defects of the work, defect claiming and compensation.

In connection with development projects, we also deal with the matter of subsidies. We assist clients with preparation and submission of a subsidy application. On a similar note, we further assist developers with administratively very demanding procurement procedures. Quite a special topic is than the financing of the project and related guarantees (bank guarantees).

We represent clients in territory procedures. We advise often constructors throughout the procedures on plot splitting, on construction placement, or in territory consent.

We are also helping those frustrated neighbours who do not want to have apartment halls being built or excessive outbuilding of their neighbour next to them. We arrange for objections to be filed to the construction intents of neighbours or developers, we appeal against construction permits, or even prepare applications for removal of an unapproved construction.

We also represent our clients at the administrative court procedures. We draft and submit actions against decisions of administrative authorities. We have many years of experience with procedures at the Supreme Administrative Court.


We provide mainly these legal services:


  • complex legal services in the area of construction and development projects;
  • representation at court and arbitration procedures (disputes from the contract for work and others);
  • representing in all phases of approval process of a building (EIA, territory, construction and final approval procedures);
  • advisory on procurements, placement procedures and PPP projects;
  • negotiations between plot owners, constructors and developers;
  • representing at construction authorities, cadastral offices and other public authorities as the case may be;
  • legal assistance with subsidies (from national and European  subsidy programs);
  • property projects financing including securities.





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