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Risk analysis and risk management More info

We perform the description and analysis of risks for our clients by using the up-to-date types of software. Our attorneys assess the risks in any field of a business activity. We evaluate risk reports, especially for places with the cumulated property of a higher value or for operations with specific riskiness such as woodworking, chemical, paper, energetic or food industry.


Thanks to the high-quality analysis of risks we will inquire for our clients for an optimum scope of insurance under favourable terms and improvement of the company security profile. 

Insurance of entrepreneurial risks More info

We will process the procurement procedure and select the most favourable insurance program in the market for you. We cooperate with all the insurers. We are members of the RENOMIA NETWORK that is a part of RENOMIA GROUP, the biggest insurance broker established in the middle and eastern Europe. We use this position in the market to be able to ensure for our clients the best services, above-standard contractual conditions and most favourable prices in the market. We will ensure a comprehensive insurance activity so that the client may attend to its business activity. 

Insurance audit More info

We will perform the audit of your current insurance, your consumers, contractors or subcontractors, free of charge. We will improve the scope of your insurance coverage, negotiate better conditions at the insurers and find savings. We will suggest an optimum model to cover the risks according to your requirements and needs. 

Claims settlement More info

We will solve any short-range as well as large-range claims for you. We represent our clients actively upon settlement of loss occurrences. An experienced expert will take charge of you in case of a loss occurrence and will be available to you 24/7.

Consultancy and trainings More info

We will prepare made-to-measure educational seminars (workshops) according to your individual requirements. We will prepare a special training for a specific segment, specific risk or current legislative changes in the field of the insurance system. We will prepare a special training for your employees as well. 

We provide support to

Construction companies More info

We ensure insurance of property damages on the constructed work, liability insurance for damages related to construction of the work, advance loss of profit insurance (ALOP) of an investor in case of delayed commissioning of the work due to damage on the work. We follow the standards of the biggest world reinsurance companies, Munich Re, Swiss Re and Lloyd´s.


We will ensure not only insurance of individual construction-assembly risks but we will prepare also a construction-assembly framework agreement. We ensure insurance of construction guarantees/bonds as well. 

Engineering companies More info

We prepare for our clients the insurance coverage of risks related to a financial loss due to property damages on machines and electronics (insurance of machines and electronics) as well as related to a financial loss due to partial or complete service interruption.


In connection with the property damage on insured machines and electronics (insurance of machine / electronic service interruption).

Municipalities More info

We prepare for our clients in the field of self-government a special program for complex insurance of municipalities, including the liability insurance of the members of elected bodies. 

Sports clubs More info

We arrange property and liability insurance for sports clubs and individual casualty insurance for sportsmen.

Transport companies More info

We arrange the insurance of the fleet of transport companies, their goods, transport of consignments or forwarder liability insurance, either based on the civil code or CMR Convention.

Commercial and manufacturing companies More info

In addition to the standard property and liability insurance for commercial and manufacturing companies, we arrange e.g. liability insurance of statutory bodies, insurance of cybernetic risks for online stores, insurance of mergers and acquisitions or insurance of receivables. 

Professional liability More info

We arrange also all the obligatory contractual and voluntary professional liability insurances. Our clients include attorneys, authorized engineers, doctors, providers of social services, auditors, trustees, tax advisors, insurance brokers, notaries, auctioneers, IT developers, etc. 

Agriculture More info

We support the agriculturists in the field of insurance of crops, farm animals, forests, machines, property, liability, biogas stations and photovoltaic power stations. We support our clients in the PGRLF (Podpůrný a garanční rolnický a lesnický fond, a.s.) subsidies for insurance.  

International insurance More info

We are able to arrange even the most specific insurance worldwide in cooperation with our foreign partners.

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