Sports law is an area of law covering the specific legal relations that arise in connection with sporting activities. It covers legal matters of relations between sport professionals and sports clubs, doping issues, indemnification of harm caused during or through sport performance issues, sponsoring relationships, injury and insurance issues and many others.

Sport is increasingly larger phenomena in the society, often with great economic significance. The way the law is applied to the relationships in sports derives from slightly different principles than the general legal principles. For example there are certain limitations in the contracting free will in case of sport professionals, stricter rules of contractual stability, the dispute solution standards etc.

Our legal experts have many years of experience in the area of sports law and are well familiar with all these particularities. We provide comprehensive legal services to both the sports clubs and organisation, and to sport profesionals.


Sport clubs

The new Civil Code brought significant changes to the traditional sport clubs legal structures. Newly, they had to be organized in the legal form of association which means quite increased administrative burden for them.

We provide legal assistance to our clients to establish, amend or liquidate a sport club, including necessary registration in the trade registry. We have a rich experience with drafting sponsoring contracts, marketing contracts, or contracts with sport professionals. We provide representation in front of courts, arbitration tribunals, national or international committees.

We will assist you to assess whether your club qualifies as publicly beneficial which is crucial if you want to apply for a state subsidy. We provide legal services for such subsidy applications including representation at relevant granting authority.


Contracts for sport professionals

Our specialists are well familiar with the complicated matter of the legal classification of the relationship between sport professionals and a club. There is a controversial opinion that a sportsperson shall be employed by the club. This opinion is very disputable and subject to many discussions. There are many opponents also among the sportspeople and clubs them self because it means financial burden for all of them.

Nevertheless, there are also legal opinions contradicting this idea. The argumentation goes all the way to the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. We trust that it is necessary to assess all these cases on individual basis, each with thorough consideration. Only with your legal relationship stipulated right from the beginning you will avoid possible night mares with tax inspection in the future.

For the top-performance sport you will need more than a contract between the club and the sport professional. Usually there are also various follow up registration at relevant competition organisations or associations mandatory to actually participate on the professional sport events.
Besides these main critical legal issues common in the area of professional sports, we also deal with many other legal issues in professional sports. Often, it is important to find the border line between the law and the internal rules of a sporting organisation that typically regulate their issues independently.

We also offer legal assistance for protection of rights within a sporting organisation. We represent our clients in cases of doping allegations. We assist with a sport professionals’ transfer between clubs on national as well as international level.

We provide especially the following services in the area of sports law:


  • Subsidy application for publically beneficial associations;
  • Sporting contracts;
  • Legal regulation of doping;
  • Law of associations and sports;
  • Damage compensation in sports;
  • Dispute resolution in sports – arbitration tribunals.


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