Corporation from A to Z

Our legal specialists are often consulted by the clients already on the choice of a legal form for their particular business intent. We provide the services regarding the corporate law in cooperation with our tax team. Thanks to that our clients receive comprehensive assistance that reflects not only purely legal aspects but also works for the best tax solution.

Foundation and administration of a corporation is best to leave to experts. We will prepare for you minutes from general assemblies and boards meetings, appointment and election of board members and drafting of their contracts in a flawless way. Our experts have rich experience with establishing corporations with international investors including some very complicated international transactions.


M&A – selling and byuing companies

In the area of corporate transformations, we deal with many purely national transformations but also with many international. We are experienced with all types of transformations – merger, amalgamation, or demerger of companies of different forms.

In a tight cooperation with our tax experts we provide complex advisory also on the asset acquisitions. We assist with purchases and sales of all kinds of company’s assets. Those are typically share transfers, sale or rent of enterprise or its part.

In relation to similar transactions, we handle the whole legal process.
We provide thorough due diligence – depending on the transaction either only of specific parts of the business or covering the complete area. We will draft a bulletproof transaction documentation that will keep you out of any problems in the future. In the frame of these activities, we also provide services on evaluation of corporate shares, or negotiations relating to the sale or purchase of companies, company’s shares or enterprises.


Corporate Governance

Our law firm provides service in the area of corporate governance. We assist to set up corporate internal processes for smooth governance, reflecting also the recently adopted Action Plan on Modernising Company Law and Enhancing Corporate Governance in the European Union. We also believe that companies with the well-built internal processes can focus better on their business activities and hence be more competitive on the market. We are helping our clients to be one step ahead. We are also ready to advise you in the area of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Czech Republic is very popular among foreign investors. Our international clients often invest here in the Czech Republic in the form of Joint Ventures or a Venture Capital. In either case, we know how to guarantee the best legal comfort for them with eliminating legal risks. Lawyers in our team are top experts on the concern laws and they are here to help you with the best concern structure for your business.

Last but not least, we handle all kinds of commercial registry agenda. It does not pay out to underestimate seemingly simple tasks.  From our practice, we know well how often even large corporation sometimes need to urgently deal with problems caused by once wrongly done registration in the commercial registry. That is why we recommend you to better leave also this agenda to our experts.

The frequently discussed issue of the liability of legal entities and enhanced protection of shareholders brought increased tension in the area of management liability for damage, in the past few years. Corporations are more often facing the situation where they have to claim their previous management who has caused damage by negligent or even malicious performance. Also here we have good records in representing corporations in similar disputes, in front of courts but often solved only in prejudicial negotiations.

Our clients value us not only for our readiness to react in complicated cases, but also for our ability to bring things to a successful end. We have been appreciated for a precise work that prevents problems popping up in the future.

Also for you we are ready to provide our legal services especially in the area of:


  • Establishment, transformation or liquidation of a corporation or a syndicate,
  • including Societas Europea;
  • Appointment and election of the board members, management agreement,
  • concurrence of functions;
  • Minutes from general assemblies and board meetings;
  • Registered capital changes;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Joint Ventures / Private Equity / Venture Capital;
  • Mergers and acquisitions including de diligence and documentation drafting;
  • Acquisition of company shares, enterprises or its part, enterprise rental;
  • Commercial registry and deed collection;
  • Corporate governance;
  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.


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